U   P   D   A   T   E   S

Demonolator - "Occult Incantations of Evil" digipack CD (2012 HSP Productions) $10
Absolutely sinister and obscure occult death metal masterpiece from Quebec Canada featuring members of Deathroner and Supremacy. Check the distro to order, sample here

 A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" cassette $5 
Limited tape version comes with folded double sided insert out now on Poison Mist Propaganda, check the distro to order and releases for the digital version!

Nuclearhammer - "Multidimentional Prism of Black Hatred" t-shirts
Contact Vault of Dried Bones  to order!
Front artwork by T. Grieco (Antediluvian)/back song lyrics by Doomhammer
Printed with abyssal blue plastisol



Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer"  2xLP's in stock now from NWN! Productions
Blue diehard vinyl $45 postage paid within North America/$55 world
Silver and regular black vinyl $40 postage paid within North America/$50 world
E-mail: htorazaaxa[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca to order!
 Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" CD $10 
New in stock from NWN! Productions
E-mail: htorazaaxa[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca to order!

A.Z.A.B. - "Toxic Waste Upheaval" CD in DVD slimcase
Contact L.White Records to order!
Digital download available here in the releases section!
Taken from the L.White website:
"Maniacal Harsh Noise/Power Electronics from Canada. 6 new tracks ranging from savagely fierce and destructive sonic terrorism towards all opposition to a final twisted hypnotic realm of psychosis!"

S  T  I  L  L    I  N    S  T  O  C  K

Death Pact International - "Australian Units" CD in DVD slimcase $12
Released via L.White Records

Malaria - "Blood Mercenaries" 7'' EP $5
Released via Serpents Head Reprisal
P   R   O   J   E   C   T   S

A   .   Z   .   A   .   B   .
Harsh Noise / Power Electronics from Canada created in 2013
All electronic weaponry, vocals and FX by The Desolate One
More info and samples at Soundcloud
A.Z.A.B. logo(s) by Brianvdp

Power Electronics / Death Industrial from Canada created in 2013
All noise, vocals, FX, decomposition and perversion by R. Antagonist
More info and samples at Soundcloud

Mythological Harsh Noise Wall from parts unknown created in 2014 by W.M.K.
More info and samples at Soundcloud

D   I   S   T   R   O

A.M.S.G. - "The Principle of Evil Becomes the Ideal of the Promethean" MCD $8
Befouled Serenity - "Invoking Eternal Darkness to Extinguish the Sun" demo pro CDR $5
Black Mass Ritual/Beyond Ye Grave - "Black Moon Sacrifice/Eyes of the Destroyer Are Open" Split CD $10
Death Pact International - "Australian Units" CD in DVD slimcase $12
Demonolator - "Occult Incantations of Evil" digipack CD $10
Evil Nasty - "Necromaniac Blood" CD (CD in 7'' EP packaging) $10
Feral/Desekratewhore - "Equilibrium" Split CD $5
Into Oblivion / Cromlech / Shoor - " Under the Banner of the Serpent Sun" Split pro CDR $5
Khnuth - "За Порогом Видений" CD $10
Krumkach - "Black Visions of Hatred" CD $10
Malefico - "Under the Black Veil" CD $10
Metastasis - "From the Snow the Executioner Rises Again" CD $10
Nihil Domination - "Sado Perverser Goat Insulter" CD $10
Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" CD $10
Perdition Temple - "The Tempter's Victorious" CD $10
Phurpa - "Trowo Phurnag Ceremony" CD $10
Sacrificial Massacre - "Dry Spells and Serpent Gods" CD $10
Thy Flesh Consumed - "Unrepentant" CD $10
V.A.C.K. - "L'ombre de la Solitude" CD $10
Vulturine - "Ossos...Odio & Angustia" CD $10

A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" $5
Blasphemator - "demo I" $5

Fogg - "Stormguarde" demo $5
Goatbaphomet - "Ritual Goat Molestor" $5
Into Oblivion - "Creation of a Monolith" $5
Insepulto -"Sparcing the Black Vomits" $5
Morbid Ceremony - "Heralds of Pestilence" demo (tape inserts come in yellow, green, red & white, specify when ordering!) $5
Nekroholocaust - "In Memories of Fire" $5
Nihil Domination/Abominablood - "Two Satanic Conspirations" $5
Onslaught - "Black Horse of Famine" (bootleg) $5
Wargoat - "Materia Prima" $5

Devastation - "Praise the Future" red vinyl 7'' EP $5
Heresy - "Face Up To It" 12'' LP $40 RARE LP!
Malaria - "Blood Mercenaries" 7'' EP $5
Nuclearhammer - "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifier" 2xLP
-Blue splatter diehard vinyl $45
-Silver splatter vinyl $40
-Regular black vinyl $40
Paroxshizem - s/t 12'' LP $15

Imposer - logo longsleeve size L $10 (front print only, no design on back or sleeves)
Paroxsihzem - "Nauseating Attrition..." size L $15

Morbid Tales issue #2 w/ Anvil, Rammer, Witches Hammer $8

Antediluvian - logo (grey on black) $1
Apokrypha - "serpent triskelion" $1
Crucifixxx Sodomy - logo (black on white b/g) $1
Devastation - logo $1
Malaria - logo (white logo on black b/g or black logo on white b/g, specify when ordering!) $1
Nuclearhammer - gasmask symbol (red on black) $1
Paroxsihzem - logo (white on black) $1

Morbosidad - Muerte de Cristo en Golgota 3x3 $5

O   R   D   E   R   I   N   G     I   N   F   O
Prices do not include postage, ask for total price when ordering depending on location.
Pictures of all items available upon request.
Make all orders and paypal payments to: htorazaaxa[AT]yahoo[DOT]ca
Trades also welcome if you have anything of interest!
R   E   L   E   A   S   E   S


Raktabija - "Mahabharata" full-length mp3 digital release 2015

Earth shattering mythological HNW of monolithic proportions! traditional HNW, no breaks, no changes, no dynamics, no nothing. Only massive multi-layered soundscapes of crushing wall noise for the age of Kali-Yuga

1. Kurukshetra War
2. श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता, (Bhagavad Gita)
3. Kaivalya (Raja Yoga)


A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" full-length mp3 digital/cassette tape release 2014

Relentless power electronics and searing harsh noise terror inspired by the ceremonial suicide attacks of the Kamikaze, the nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll and the bombing of Hiroshima. "With the wonders of scientific achievement before us, the choice is justice and peace, or this kind of atomic death. There is no alternative!" 

1. Hiroshima
2. Bikini Kill
3. Last Victims



White Autopsy Orchestra - "Death Industrial Cunt Ripper" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Extreme electronics of death and perversity strike again! W.A.O. conjures up dark, filthy and perverted PE/death industrial mixed with a heavy dose of gritty 60's/70's horror making this a very eerie and uneasy listen. Also features an Atrax Morgue cover!

1. Mortuary Rape (Vaginal Blood From Beyond)

2. Triple Bitch Cemetery Orgy
3. Cunting Tunnels of Her Filthy Majesty
4. Terrential Massacre of Lustful Harlots Piss and Cum
5. Orgasmic Firefuck Detonation
6. Death Industrial Cunt Ripper
7. Perverdead Whorror
8. Junkyard Fuckslut
9. Assfucked, Deepthroated, Pissed On and Forgotten
10. Something Bad (Atrax Morgue cover)
11. Women Are Evil (You Had To Kill Her)


A.Z.A.B. - "Night Stalker" EP mp3 digital release 2014

Pulverizing and murderous harsh noise/power electronics focusing in on the mind of Richard Ramirez. Also includes a GG Allin cover! (this material will also be featured on a split cassette tape with Australia's Mshing released via Trapdoor Tapes, coming soon!)

1. Night Stalker (Parts I-IV)
2. You'll Never Tame Me (GG Allin cover)



A.Z.A.B. / Arseterror - "Split" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Latest split of power electronics/harsh noise sickness and terror from these Canadian and American lunatics!

1. Sonnenrad (Rising)
2. Sensabaugh (Channelling)
3. Antichristusadisticus (Rising)
4. That's A Fact Jack Donovan
5. Hail the Spear


Raktabija - "Kali Maa" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Debut release of Kali-Yuga based experimental HNW, 40:15 of odious meditative death worship from parts unknown! "For every drop of blood falling on the ground created innumerable clones..."

1. Devi Durga (Adi Parashakti)
2. Saddhu (Death Worship) 



A.Z.A.B. - "Dedicated to Patrick Mackay" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Brutal minimalist harsh noise/PE dedicated to 1970's British serial killer Patrick Mackay AKA "The Psychopath" and heavily inspired by early Whitehouse as well as Bizarre Uproar and Deathpile

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled
5. Untitled
6. Untitled
7. Untitled



A.Z.A.B. / Raktabija - "999 / Meditation" Split full-length mp3 digital release 2014

A.Z.A.B. offers 3 prime cuts of morbid and politically charged PE/dark ambient provocation while Raktabija who are meditative experimental harsh noise wall based on Kali-Yuga and hailing from parts unknown offer 4 prime cuts of searing wall noise in the style of Vomir, Flesh Coffin, Light Collapse and The Rita. Let the Noise Ritual commence!

1. Paradox (Their Obliteration, Our Creation)
2. 32nd Degree
3. Necropolis Winter Night Walk
4. प्रत्यववमर्शन (Meditation)
5. Bhavatārini 1
6.  Bhavatārini 2
7. परमाणवीय प्रभात (Atomic Dawn)



White Autopsy Orchestra / A.Z.A.B. - "Raped in Decay" Split EP mp3 digital release 2014

W.A.O. & A.Z.A.B. come together on this split to infect you with nihilistic, perverse and radical power electronics/harsh noise filth (tracks mainly comprised of 2 previously unreleased outtakes!) Download this and don't be a victim of the modern age!

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled


White Autopsy Orchestra - "Radio Autopsy" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Raw, chaotic and nihilistic power electronics/death industrial from Canada recorded in 2013. Radio Autopsy is a perverse mockery of daytime commercial radio and the incessant mainstream media mind control brainwashing feed in the midst of your daily 9 to 5 rat race!

1. Radio Autopsy - 55.0 Morning Sadism
2. Radio Autopsy - Rush Hour Decay
3. Radio Autopsy - Lunch Hour Torture
4. Radio Autopsy - All Day Decline



White Autopsy Orchestra - "Penetration Chambers" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Power Electronics/Death Industrial from Canada. 2013 debut of extreme electronics of death and perversity inspired by Atrax Morgue, Anenzephalia, Brighter Death Now, NON, Whitehouse, MB, Mauthausen Orchestra and Dominator

1. Chamber 1
2. Chamber 2
3. Chamber 3
4. Chamber 4
5. Chamber 5
6. Chamber 6
7. Chamber 7
8. Chamber 8


A.Z.A.B. / Exsanguine - "Split" full-length mp3 digital release 2014

Materialized in 2013 but released in 2014. A.Z.A.B. offers another painful strike of vile harsh noise propagation guaranteed to fuck up your speakers, ears and minds, while Exsanguine who are one of the first and only existing power electronics projects from India, based on serial killers and influenced by Whitehouse, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Merzbow and Grunt offer a great mix of power electronics, noise and ambient

1. Flatline Birth
2. Imploding Hallucinogenic Demolition
3. Propagation Revolt
4. Electronic Mindfucktion
5. Sinister Chours
6. The Unbosoming



A.Z.A.B. - "Counterfire Assault Electronics" full-length mp3 digital release 2013

One of the most painful, hate-filled and chaotic releases to date, featuring 3 new tracks and 3 covers of Bestial Warlust, Hellhammer(done harsh noise/p.e. style!) and Final Solution(NYC)

Limited CDR version of 28 released by Smell the Stench Records in 2014

1. Evacuation (Intro)
2. Counterfire Assault Electronics
3. Bestial Warlust (Bestial Warlust cover)
4. 2500 an Hour, 60,000 a Day (Intro)
5. Divide and Conquer
6. Chainsaw (Hellhammer cover)
7. Counterfire Assault Electronics (Final Strike)
8. Right To Hate (Final Solution(NYC) cover)


A.Z.A.B. - "Feedback of  T.Z.K." full-length mp3 digital release 2013

Sadistic hypnotic feedback drenched power electronics based on the Zodiac Killer

1. Killing Spree (Intro)
2. Zodiac
3. Fine Targets (Intro)
4. Bay Area Sadism
5. A New Kind of Killer (Intro)
6. Feedback of  T.Z.K.



A.Z.A.B. - "This Is War!" full-length mp3 digital release 2013

Setting the tone for the upcoming apocalypse, the fourth strike of total war on parasitic human sewage, 3 songs of violent destructive power electronics/harsh noise clocking in at 62:45. (Parts of this recording were originally done as demo #3 but released later as the second album upon completion). THIS... IS...WAR! 

1. This Is War!
2. Condemned Truth (Gas Chamber Mix #2)
3. This Is War! (Reprise)



A.Z.A.B. - "Toxic Waste Upheaval" full-length mp3 digital release 2013

A violent outburst of filth and chaos on this first full-length of savagely fierce and destructive sonic terrorism towards all opposition

CD in DVD slimcase limited to 100 with different layout released by L.White Records in 2014

1. Extinction Agenda
2. Aeons of Extermination Twilight
3. Karla
4. Toxic Waste Upheaval
5. Proclamation A.S.W.
6. Psilocybin Subversion Into Luciferian Vortex (Green & Black)



A.Z.A.B. - "II" demo 2 mp3 digital release 2013

Second strike of power electronics/harsh noise with a more experimental element this time around utilizing multi-layered noise textures, samples, loops and FX to create a violent sonic blizzard of chaos

1. Cannibalistic Storm
2. Achsenmächte
3. Genocide Vortex Ejaculation (Part 1)
4. Genocide Vortex Ejaculation (Part 2)
5. Electroconvulsive Black Devastation
6. I'll Come Back 



A.Z.A.B. - "I" demo 1 mp3 digital release 2013

Power Electronics/Harsh Noise/Dark Ambient from Canada recorded on 9/11/2013. Improvised, bleak and ominous sonic terrorism

1. Septic Immunodeficiency (Part 1)
2. Septic Immunodeficiency (Part 2)
3. The Call of the Second Aethyr
4. Monolithic Miasma Illuminations
5. Rockwell
6. WWIII (unedited rehearsal)



Official Nuclearhammer embroidered logo patch, size 3x3


Befouled Serenity - "Invoking Eternal Darkness to Extinguish the Sun" demo CDR 2012

Debut release of raw old school black metal in the vein of Abyssic Hate, Moonblood and Clandestine Blaze featuring members of Human Compost, Paroxsihzem and Nuclearhammer

1. Summoning 
2. Despair
3. Lament of the Lost and Wandering
4. Black Realms Under Moonlight
5. Invoking Eternal Darkness to Extinguish the Sun
6. Echoes of the Forgotten
7. Black Flames of Unholy Hate (Kristallnacht cover)


Feral / Desekratewhore - "Equilibrium" Split CDR 2012

Black metal and black thrash from Canada. Feral plays bleak and desolate black metal in the style of Judas Iscariot and old Graveland while Desekratewhore follows up with some old school blackened thrash with a bit of a heavy metal influence, fans of old Mortuary Drape, Varathron, Lord Belial will definitely appreciate what Desekratewhore have to offer on this split

1. Entering Darkness
2.Nocturnal Queen
3. Open My Inner Eye
4. The Path
5. White Raven
6. Extreme Hatred
7. Graza
8. Free the Sheep/Slaughter the Shepherd


Malaria / Carbonizer - "Spoils of Extermination / Foeticidal Maniac" CDR 2008

Malaria's Spoils of Extermination rehearsal and Carbonizer's Foeticidal Maniac demo on one disc. Malaria attacks with violent grindwar in the style of Repulsion, old Carcass, Blood, Nuclear Death while Carbonizer brings forth sickening foeticidal grind in the style of Mortician and Disgorge(Mex) 

1. Intro/Battlefield Corpses
2. Trenchfoot
3. Feast On Dismembered Carnage (Carcass cover)
4. Massgraves
5. Field Medic Degeneracy
6. Acid Bath (Repulsion cover)
7. Mustard Gas Asphyxiation
8. Choking On Putred Phlegm
9. Embryocide
10. Foeticidal Maniac
11. Grotesque Deformity
12. Infectious Love Disease
13. The Kill (Napalm Death cover)
14. Neurobiological Corruption
15. Clinical Catastrophe



Nuclearhammer - "Existence Of Abhorrence" MCD-R 2007


The fourth onslaught of violent, chaotic black death, sounds like a very twisted mix of Sacramentary Abolishment, Archgoat and old Beherit. Limited to 80 copies on silver CDR with double sided insert

"Nuclearhammer's "Existence of Abhorrence" Ep is an infernal curse of radioactive proportions! 666 Megatons of uranium enriched DARKNESS." - X.S. of Nyogthaeblisz

1. F.O.H Ritual I
2. Whirlwinds of Toxic Perdition
3. F.O.H. Ritual II
4. Sacramental Pestilence (Holy Poison Remix)
5. F.O.H Ritual III



Malaria - "Massgraves" rehearsal demo tape 2007

Brutal grindwar, raw and dirty as fuck in the style of old Carcass, Repulsion, Blood(Ger), Terrorizer, old Napalm Death! Limited to 50 copies, tape inserts came in 25 black and green/25 black and yellow

1. (Noisefuck Assault Intro) / Massgraves
2. Field Medic Degeneracy
3. Mustard Gas Asphyxiation



Nuclearhammer - "Immortalized Hatred" rehearsal demo tape 2006

Violent and ritualistic old school black metal of death inspired by Profanatica, Hellhammer, Incantation, Von, also includes an Inquisition cover! Limited to 60 copies

"The Immortalized Hatred tape is so deadly!! The doom/slow parts are so sick and evil!!!! All the tracks almost sound abstract and so chaotic that they could "fall apart" at any moment!!" - R. Förster (Blasphemy, Conqueror, Domini Inferi)

1. Lived Eht M'i Dna... (Intro)
2. Sacramental Pestilence
3. I Am The Serpent Lord
4. Dementia (A Black Void)
5. Impalement (Of The Wretched)
6. Crush The Jewish Prophet (Inquisition Cover)
7. Yarp Su Tel (Outro)